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Debian Jessie: restart VirtualBox’s network after wake-up

Systemd is used for services control in Debian Jessie, and, there are some problems with some of the services.
One of thoose problems is: VirtualBox doesn’t restart it’s virtual network adapters after system’s wake-up (from suspension).

When does it happens:

  1. When you are using VirtualBox version 4.3.8 and lower (didn’t tested this on higher versions)
  2. When there are a host-only adapter configured in VirtualBox
  3. You suspended your computer (for example, by closing your laptop), and than woke it up

What are the signs:

  1. Virtual machine doesn’t respond to ping
  2. It’s also impossible to connect to a VM via ssh
  3. If one of VM’s folders mounted by sshfs to a real machine, all porcesses, that used this folder before suspension are freezed badly

What to do?