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Install latest version of Adobe Flash for Firefox/IceWeacel in Debian Jessie

How to make Firefox in Linux work with latest Flash Player (more than 11.2)

As you probably know, Adobe Flash Player for Linux exists in two variants:

  • NPAPI – for a long time was used by all of the browsers, but now, development of it stopped.
  • PPAPI – exists for a relatively recent time, and can be used by any browser on Chromium engine.

Adobe stopped development of NPAPI Flash Player from 2012, and, because of that, many of Firefox users on Linux have an old version of Flash, stalled on 11.2

However, right now (2015, October), where is flash Plugin v19, and it’s growing.

Solution was provided by Rinat Ibragimov, programmer from Kazan, Russia. He’s wrote a wrapper between NPAPI (firefox’s plugins system) and PPAPI (Chormium’s plugin system). For Firefox this wrapper looks like usual NPAPI plugin, and for the Adobe Flash plugin itself, wrapper looks like browser, that supports PPAPI (like Google Chrome)

Here is hero’s account on github:
And here is wrapper’s repository:
Installation steps described in repository, but, as I’ve faced some problems, I’ll write full and detailed instruction, for my own use, and, meybe it’ll help somebody else.